Can I Improve My Stretch Marks?

Stetch marks can be very challenging to treat. They skin has a different texture and color. Although perfection is not possible, they can be greatly improved with bost laser and microchanneling. 

The heat from the 1540nm fractional nonablative Icon laser breaks up and softens the disordered strands of collagen that make up your scars. The heat also stimulates collagen remodeling in your dermis. Your skin produces new, orderly strands of collagen to replace the disordered collagen or fill in the gaps of depressed scars.

The Procell Microchanneling system uses tiny needles to induce mild mechanical damage to your skin and application of stem cell-derived growth factors, resulting in collagen stimulation.

Over the next weeks to months, your skin rebuilds itself to be healthier, clearer, and stronger. After three to five treatments your scars look more like healthy skin. 

To smooth scars and stretch marks with the Icon Laser or the Procell Microchannelling system contact the NJ Vein Care and Aesthetics Center team today by phone. 973-778-2222

Gary B. Nackman, MD, FACS Gary Nackman, MD, FACS, is a board-certified vascular surgeon with more than 30 years of experience helping women and men with venous disease and cosmetic concerns achieve healthy veins and skin. He founded the NJ Vein Care and Aesthetics Center in Clifton, New Jersey, to provide high-quality, one-on-one, patient-centered care in a welcoming, supportive environment. He's proud to be listed in the Consumers Research Council of America's "Guide to America's Top Surgeons."

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