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Hand Rejuvenation

Here is another interesting article about hand rejuvenation.

Unfortunately as we age, our hands make us look older than we really are! We spend most of our time focusing on our face and body – with expensive creams and cosmetic treatments. Our hands usually do not get the same care. Hands are exposed to the weather and sun, and as we age, the skin on the back of the hand becomes thin, looses elasticity, wrinkles and reveals the underlying tendons and veins. Age spots and sun damage also develop. For total hand rejuvenation, three elements need to be addressed:

Prominent Veins:  Treat with Sclerotherapy

As we age, the veins of the hand become more prominent. Why does this happen? For some people, the veins enlarge. One method of improving the appearance is to perform sclerotherapy. Using a tiny needle an FDA approved drug is injected into the veins on the back of the hand. Asclera is the sclerosant of choice at NJ VeinCare for the injection of hand veins.  A compression glove is applied and the veins will reduce in size and ultimately disappear. Treatment is almost painless and results are typically obtained with one or two treatments.

Loss of Volume Under the Skin: Restore Volume with Radiesse

Another approach is aimed at increasing the amount of tissue under the skin to hide the unsightly veins and tendons. This is called injecting a “filler”.  Radiesse and other fillers have been FDA approved for use for adding volume to many locations on the body, and are considered safe and effective when properly used.


Skin Rejuvenation: Remove Pigment Spots with Light Therapy

We offer light treatments – photorejuvenation – to reduce age spots and sunspots. The same treatment may be used on the face– IPL PhotoFacials™ – can be used for the same conditions on the back of the hands. Using the most advanced laser technology – the Palomar Icon – the intense pulse light seeks out specific pigment colors in the deep layers of skin on the back of the hand. The laser penetrates deep to treat the “problems” deep at their source.

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